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About ERA of St. Louis

The Erectors and Riggers Association of the Greater St. Louis Area is a trade organization that was established in 1969 to promote, improve, and advance the interest of all those engaged in the erecting and rigging industry. ERA strives to provide its members with a strong sense of solidarity through monthly organizational meetings, safety seminars, and ironworker conferences. Its members encompass a wide variety of specialty trades including: the erection of structural steel, miscellaneous iron, ornamental or architectural metals, reinforcing steel, and the rigging, hosting, and placing of heavy materials, equipment, machinery, and precious artwork.

The purposes and objectives of the organization include:

  • To deal with trade and promotional problems of erectors and riggers of the building construction industry of Greater St. Louis
  • To improve employee-labor relations and to strive for reasonable and equitable solutions to problems of labor.
  • To cooperate with fabricators and general contractors, and their associations, with associations of other subcontractors, and with organizations representing the building trades in all lawful matters of interest to the building construction industry.
  • To act as a trade association for its members and as such to perform for its members those services which the can better perform as a group than separately.
  • To do any and all other lawful acts and things to help the building construction industry better serve the public; to promote the expansion of the building construction; and to protect any other legitimate common interest of others.
  • To reform abuses and procure uniformity in the customs and usage of trade in the industry.

The Erectors and Riggers Association is proud to help provide the Greater St. Louis Area with superior erection and rigging services and a high quality of life for its members and their employees.

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